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What clients are saying

Dr. Anooradha has god gift of clairvoyance. Sometimes I wonder how she could know things which I havenot told her. Her predictions by Tarrot cards are very accurate. She is a patient listner and empthises with your problem very well .She gives simple, practical and effective remedies and healing techniques.I had gone to her with a critical problem and she got me out of the problem with her guidance and healings. She really plays the role of a good friend, counsellor and guru. God bless her.

- Pravin Kulkarnii

Hi, Got a new dimension to see life when was just going downwards and it appears all lost. Dr. Anooradha has tremendous experience and her predictions are excellent. Her treatment is simpler and effective as she is the person herself.

- Vijay Pachare

Dr. Anooradha is one person everyone should have the privilege to meet atleast once in his lifetime. Her predictions and her assessment are both close to perfect. I feel lighter and balanced just on my second meeting with her.

- Sukanya Kanawade

Dr.Anuradhaji has in depth knowledge of the tarot reading, She is the best Tarot card reader and advisor in Mumbai.

She will explain everything in detailed about your problems and gives accurate solutions for the issues which we are facing in life.

I don't recommend anyone in particular but she has very good experience in tarot reading.

She is a gifted natural healer. Blessed with unique abilities of understanding the client on psychological level for offering best of healing for the highest of good.

Her energy and aura is very warm and pleasing makes one comfortable and at ease. She is clear precise and is powerful makes the session very memorable providing the best of experience. I rate a five star.

- Divyesh J

Very precise predictions and extremely solution oriented. She can see where I was stuck without me explaining and gave me very practical solutions.

- Shreya

I was facing lot of problems. But after coming here I feel I am blessed. She calmly listened to all my problems and gave very good solutions. After many years I feel I am able to breathe, think, started living again.

- Sunil

Dr Anooradha is a great healer. She understands our problems immediately and heals them in all aspects. be it financial. emotional, official or family issues. She releases negative thought and develops positive energy in us. I have been in her contact for more than ten years and approach her for all guidance and healing treatment. I recommend her to everyone to have peaceful life.

- Ajit Doiphode

Its been an amazing experience meeting you ma'am and also so thankful to be getting your positive guidance. Also started with the remedies provided and have started to see the difference with my mind calmer and racing thoughts in control. 👍

- Aarti Subhash Pal

Excellent person genuine to the heart. Her healing and intuition helped me to overcome my problems in career and personal growth.

- Dr. Naveen Gupta

Everyone has a gift, but they choose NOT to see it” – Paulo Coelho. And exactly that’s where Dr. Anooradha takes us, to see our gift.

- Adv. Sonam K. Mehta

I met Dr. Anooradha for the first time when I was 21 and I was completely broken. I was having issues in my education and career.

- Nolan Lewis

After various disappointing events in my life, I was in search of right alternate solutions to find peace and regain focus.

- Gireesh Kumar

I met Dr Anooradha approximately 10 years back purely by chance. Since then I have visited them for predictions as well as healing and learning.

- Jyotika Verma

Dr. Anooradha is not only a spiritual healer but a compensate friend and a counselor. What I have learned through you is a very simple but effective technique

- Harrish Hathiwala

When your mind is not at peace, when you want to know all the answers to the questions, come to Dr. Anooradha, she will help you keeping your mind at peace. She is like a guiding angel in my life. Her tarot card readings and healing process is truly amazing. I can see the difference.Truly recommend, looking forward for more sessions.

- Dharitri

I was facing lot of problems. But after coming here I feel I am blessed. She calmly listened to all my problems and gave very good solutions. After many years I feel I am able to breathe, think, started living again.

- Sunil

It was my best experience to meet with Dr Anooradha she really brought me back in my real life & she has amazing cosmic energy power.Now I am very much perfect through her cosmic energy healing.

- Mukesh Tulsiani

Dr.Anooradha provided me with accurate predictions, excellent remedies which really helped me in getting over a serious problem in my life. I have been consulting her for readings and cosmic energy healing whenever I have problems in my life over a period spanning twenty years. The results are consistently accurate.

- Shashi gupta

When first time I met her I was not really confident about tarot card reading, after meeting her I felt a positive aura, and the remedy she gave me for my problems today I am out of it and I am very thankful to her. She is not only the best Tarot card reader but a good healer and human being.


She is the best tarot reader in town. Her aura energies are very clean and strong. The advise or recommendations are super genuine. zero attitude and a true genuine practitioner. very rarely anyone can come across. God bless you anooradha always.....

- Arundhati Bhattacharya

Dr. Anooradha is a very reliable person for her predictions and the solutions she gives for problems. She identifies the real problem and gives adequate solution to solve them. We recommend going to her to anybody who feels helpless or stuck.

- Nisha