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Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystals are stones which have electro magnetic properties they are conductors of energy,both as a receiver and transmitter. It is a universal cosmic energy and its guiding , healing powers can be used by any human being irrespective of any religion one belongs to. It is used for healing physical diseases like headache , sleeplessness , digestive problems , tiredness, body pains , back pains . weak muscles

Mind Problems - restless mind , worry, over-thinking , anxiety , weak willpower, tendency to give up easily . lack of initiative and creative thinking, confusion in taking important decisions in life.

Emotional Problems – over-sensitivity , getting upset easily and breakdown in to tears , always finding faults in others and thinking, that I am perfect I have no faults , blaming one self for other people's suffering and sorrow, emotional depression because of divorce , relationship break up , office politics etc.

Method Of Healing By Crystals

We do healing treatment for individual clients and we also teach Crystal Healing Therapy techniques.