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Cosmic Energy Healing

Cosmic energy healing is used to heal the imbalances in the mind, body soul resulting in physical diseases, mental disturbances, emotional disturbances, problems in important issues like finance, career, relationships etc.

The most common problems that we come across can be broadly categorized as,

  1. Physical diseases Migraine, head aches , weight problems ,digestion problems, sexual problems, allergies , tiredness etc.
  2. Mental disturbances Irritability, lack of concentration , confusion , doubts , worrying what will happen tomorrow . a grave illness of the 21st century . We all have worried at some point of life.
  3. Emotional disturbances- Fear , nervousness , anxiety , constantly living in the past.
  4. Problems in important issues of life : Career changes , house relocation , financial problem. how to cope with rising prices , job insecurity, dwindling income in business etc
  5. Technique used in Cosmic Energy Healing The base of the therapy is, any disease in your life manifests itself in your aura and energy body first, and then later takes a concrete shape in your body in the form of disease or highly difficult problems.

This is the information network of the body which is decoded by me to understand the root cause of the problem and to provide solution to heal physical, mental and emotional and chronic diseases. The treatment and therapies are different according to the requirement of the individual