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Stress Management

Solutions for Life‘s Problems and Stress

  1. Broken Love Affair

  2. When a long standing relationship ends in which both the parties have invested a lot of time, energy ends in a break up it results in emotional trauma, depression, one feels like crying when one remembers the happy moments of the relationship because the reality that it has ended doesn’t sink in and one finds it extremely difficult to accept the harsh reality. This results in loss of self confidence, self esteem, physical diseases, emotional and mental breakdown.

  3. Financial Worries

  4. Have you lost your job or lost money in a bad business venture. In such a case one tends to have sleepless nights worrying how will I survive, what will happen to my family. On top of it one can see the real colours of our so called friends, relatives, well – wishers who disappear from the scene as if they just want to avoid you.

  5. Victims of Office Politics

  6. Insensitive society and system where human beings are just used as objects of convenience and then discarded.

  7. Health Issues

  8. Suddenly you fall sick , you find that you are unable to perform your routine task for which you compelled to be dependent on somebody else . At that moment you completely break down and feel helpless, unable to cope up with such a situation physically, mentally , financially and you wonder how to come out of the situation so that you can start life all over again.

    In such situations , which all of us encounter in our day to day life it is essential that one is equipped with strong mental strength , inner peace , to face the situation successfully. In the first stage we suggest.

    1. Methods of stress removal through,
    2. Techniques of,
      1. A - Physical and mental relaxation
      2. B - Peace of mind
      3. C - To stay calmly present and actively focused no matter what is going on around you.
      4. In the second stage, we do a analysis of the person and the problems through colour analysis and other tools to understand the case thoroughly. The solutions are devised according to the needs of the individual.

    3. Success solutions – attract success by creating by recharging yourself with right vibrational frequency
    4. Prosperity solutions – attract abundance
    5. Health solutions - experience good health and balanced state of mind